Thursday, July 26, 2012

Art Proposal to 3M

July 26, 2012

3M Brands
3M Corporate Headquarters
3M Center, St. Paul, MN

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Diane Keys, and I am an artist living and working in the Chicago area. Post-It Noats have truly revolutionized our world. As multi-tasking has become a necessity, Post-It noats allow us to remember the seemingly endless to-do lists that plague us daily.

But Post-It Noats have moved beyond just a tool of convenience. Have they become a medium of communication in their own rite? From business noats, to personal noats, to lists, to “kick me” signs, have things gone too far? Has the need for saving time resulted in less face-to-face interaction and thus caused insensitivity? I present to you just such a possibility:

My husband is a hard working man trying to support a family in this tough economy. He was recently fired via a Post-It Noat. It was attached with its semi-tacky glue, to his final paycheck. I am attaching the said noat in case you are in disbelief, as was I. *company name will be disclosed at your requestbut let me add this is a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans

I am submitting to you an art proposal to raise awareness to such unprofessional and inhumane business practices. This is clearly a mis-use of an otherwise great paper product.

I would like to resurrect a 4' X 4' Post-It Noat tower, standing 6' tall, that would be fully operational. I would also like permission to use your lobby to stage this performance piece. My husband would be tearing off the over-sized Post-It Noats and paste them on the walls. He would write the story of his firing on the noats. He has had many other unfortunate work-related experiences in which tact (pun intended) was completely lacking. He would also write about the long period of unemployment he has experienced this year and his failed efforts to obtain gainful employment.

I am asking for your funding for this project which would include:
  • Travel expenses to and from St. Paul
  • Hotel accommodations for the one week duration of the show for my husband and I
  • Over-sized Post-It Tower

I feel this would be a worthwhile endevour for you, as it will bring publicity to your company while showing concern for 'the little guy'. I look forward to hearing from you favorably regarding this cutting edge project.

Kind regards,

Diane Keys
407 S. Liberty St
Elgin, IL 60120


Skybridge Studios said...

I'm sure 3M will see the value in this performance artwork, and I hope it is repeated worldwide.
Good luck in receiving attention from the Big Guys at 3M!

Diane Keys said...

Thank you Lisa-stranger things can and have happened right?

Diane Keys said...

p.s. thank you for the adorable cat art. Hope Mr. Binks is doing well. It's funny because another friend has a long haired black cat and his name is Mr. Fudgie Bear!

Lynn Radford said...

DK, I am glad to see that you have learned your lesson via the Squirrel Ordeal, including the costs with your proposals up front! P.S. Where does the Nut Hoarder stand? Are we making acorns or did you find a supplier?

Skybridge Studios said...

Oh Diane!
Mr. Bink went to Rainbow Bridge mid-January.
Maybe I'll have another cat someday, but there's only One Mr. Bink. He was my second black cat... the first was a manx cat named Sabbath.
Mr. Bink'll always be the Skybridge Studios Mascot on the Art-O-Mat packages!

Diane Keys said...

I did indeed, Lynn, although I should have included the cost of an oversized Sharpie in there:) The squirrel thing is on hold. I sent the letter to Fischer Nuts to see if they would donate and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully I'll at least get a good response back. So, that project is still a potential go and I will need your guys' help!!!!

Diane Keys said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Lisa=we lost our precious grey long haired cat, Storm a few months ago. I still think about him everyday. I love all cats, but some are just special from the get go.

De Villo Sloan said...

Chances are 3M is just another TOXIS front.

With Obama being from Chicago and all, I hope you go to govt for funding too.

After the Elgin show, you'll have a lot more street cred, or crud?


Corgi Feet said...

Any word on this yet Diane?

Diane Keys said...

nothing yet Angie, I've been surprised that more don't at least write back as a good PR effort, but will still hold out hope for a good reply. I think if I was writing companies in Germany, they would definately take the time to write me a thoughtful reply!