Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New pieces from Jeanne Kasten and Claudia McGill

Raw Trashpo from Jeanne Kasten
Corrugated Trashpo from Claudia McGill


Claudia McGill said...

Thanks for posting my latest - I think this is a real glamor shot of it! (Did I spell glamor right as it doesn't look right?) I have a lot of cardboard around right now and I love to paint on it.

Diane Keys said...

I love it Claudia-very YOU, yet totally different at the same time. Mail art glamor shot-funny image. I think you can spell glamor glamor OR glamour but I could be wrong. Helen Amyes hasn't been around much, but she did a great series of painted corrugated cardboard.

Cleo said...

I just love love LOVE this piece Claudia!