Friday, January 6, 2012

Void Trashpo


De Villo Sloan said...

D-Void Trashpo is another great Koncept, DK. When I was studying literary theory, a lot of the French stuff had text with lines running through it, as if it had been Krossed out. I was never sure what that meant, but it is no Doubt Deeply intelleKtual. And the DKULT is nothing but Deeply intellectual.


De Villo Sloan said...
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Diane Keys said...

We try to be DVS-we recruit heavily among literary theorists, linguists, roguish rakes and churlish girls. We find there is a direct correlation between academic achievement and belief in ghosts. And what is Dkult but a hotbed for supernatural activity? I've been receiving some great testimonials lately, from grateful Dkult members. the first step in the initiation process is 'enter the void'