Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mail Art to the Hobbit

Was driving one day and saw the most amazing thing. On what looks to be its own large plot of land was this:

I wanted to know the mind behind this magical and creative construction and then I noticed the adorable little mailbox!  I decided that I just HAD to send mail art to the Hobbit who lived here. I hoped for a return, but didn't really expect one. 

This is the letter I wrote:

Then lo and behold, I received an envelope from.....the Hobbit!!!!

Such a beautiful card and note. I wasn't even sure the Hobbit spoke English much less could write! I am anxious to write again as I have so many questions.

I will update here if I get another response!!!

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Miss Iowa said...

Holy crap! How cool is that?! SUPER cool!