Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Fun Than you Can Believe 
This site is so fun. You can see yourself as different ages, races, etc. This is me as a baby and also as an Ape. It explains why my Mother never loved me for sure. You should try it but obviously a lot of the pics are super unflattering

Wet Paint Trashpo

Glued Down Garbage

This piece has been exhibited this past year as part of the Algonquin Public Art Program. I was happy they accepted it as they usually prefer "Pretty" art

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Rest of My Pages for Cheryl Penn of South Africa's The Plagiarist Book

I had no idea the monkeys of South Africa like to tamper with the mail. Don't they know it's a crime? I'd love to see the addition of monkey paw prints though. That would be cool. And now I want a South African Monkey for a pet and a baby orphaned kangaroo from Australia for a pet.

Simplify Your Life--Glorify Me DKult Now Accepting Members

Mail Art for a Call on Women's Issues

Bark Book


Statistics show that since the year 2000, empathy has dropped 40 percent and has been replaced by the epidemic called Narcissism!  This was the inspiration for this digital photo collage. I'm posting this based on a discussion with Nancy in which she stated it brilliantly as people "mistaking a monologue for dialogue"

Monday, August 22, 2011


Some Great Art DeVillo Sloan has sent me

 Can't seem to find the Gatorade Spitpo piece he sent me

Fuck poetry, this is about the most romantic thing I've ever received


My Takes on Superhero's Free Art Group

Now THIS is my Fluxus Performance but I need you!!!!!!

I would love to turn this into a real performance, but I need you to post your confessions!!! Come on--unburden yourself~
Here is mine for whichever higher power is listening:
I did not feed my babies organic babyfood
If I found a bunch of money, and I thought I wouldn't get caught, I'm not sure I would return it
I swear all the time

The Gift of Learning Differences

I'm very proud of this project. I put out a mail art call for people labeled Learning Disabled to fill out of survey I created, and submit their artwork. I published it in this book for my daughter, who struggles with LD. The format didn't come out very well, but I'm still pleased with it.
 Among my favorite all time found object finds. Amy Luviano has no idea that her work appeared in an art show and also in a book. The link to the Dear Diary Show is at



Dear Diary

Please add your entry. I had my Dear diary Mail Art Show am received some fascinating entries. The show went over really well. But I'm still fascinated with the concept of people sharing their Diary Entries. Here's mine for Monday:
Dear Diary,
I hope no one is reading this. I am up way too early and time is crawling. The summer is almost over and while I am sad, I love Fall. Fall is a romantic time. It reminds you of falling in love. But I forget there is a hard surface under all those leaves.

Drawing of Chief Crow

Housing Market Desperation

My "Pretty" collages

Not nearly as fun as trashpo

Coffee Pots Graveyard

More Trashpo Collages on Canvas

 Spread from an altered book
More postage paid junk mail