Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun With Spammers

From: chris colin To: Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9:06 PM Subject: 12**12**2013 My wife and i are donating 750.000. to you,Reply . MOBILE NAME*...ADDRESS*... OCCUPATION**... my response: Wow!! How kind and we could really use that around this time of year. can you direct deposit it into our bank account? Let me know and I'll send you the number!! Dear Beneficiary, This is a life time opportunity and 100% legitimate. My Wife and I have decided to make sure this is put on the internet for the world to see. You see after taken care of the needs of our immediate family members and friends, we decided to donate $750,000.00 United State Dollars each to other unknown 12 individuals around the world in need, the local fire department, the Red Cross, and some other organizations in Asia, Europe and Africa.because we are on vacation in Thailand, I am happy to inform you that we have forwarded your details over to the management of the City Link Express Courier Company in India. City Link Express Courier will be responsible for the delivery of the cheque and the winnings documents which is of high important to you. In furtherance to begin the final step of the claims process, you are advised to contact City Link Express Courier Company Ltd whose details are furnished below. We registered a package containing a valid international cashier's check of $750,000.00USD for you with City Link Express Courier office in GOA, India. We have paid $564.00 for all charges except the administration charges of $72 since we do not have your postal address for addressing. The charges are a bit high because we registered the package under first class delivery. Kindly contact City Link Express Courier with your postal address, full names, and direct mobile number and inquire from them how you can remit the balance $72 for administration to enable them effect the delivery of the package to you immediately. CONTACT City Link Express Courier NOW WITH THE BELOW INFO: ============================================= CONTACT INFORMATION: Information/Payment Office Pastor. Daniel Gabriel (Dispatch Officer) Floor, S-2 Level, Tower, Mandrem, 403527 GOA, India. PHONE NUMBER: +917893417507 CONTACT COURIER E-MAIL: ============================================== Read the reason why we are giving out the funds through the web link below Best Regards, Chris and Colin Weir God Bless You my response: This is such a blessing from gid i have been praying for something like this i am an elderly women with no living relatives. My late husband ganbles away our life savings and all i have left is what i saved from an inheritance and money stuffed un a shoebox in the closet. I live off of food stamps and social security. Things have gotten so bad that lately i have had to eat dog food. I feel so ashamed. Please dont tell anyone in India. They would probably be happy to have a morsel of kibble or dog bone to eat. Forgive me the long email but i am very lonely since i can not walk far or leave the house. I live alone with my cat Mercy. Some days I go without food so she can eat. I would use this money to afford the hip replacement surgery I need to walk again. I can write you a check ir send wire transfer as long as I can do it over the phone just so you know my hearing is not good. Thank you for reminding me that there is goodness in the world no response after this from them except they resent their dear beneficiary form letter bummer....I really tried to get a conversation going

Saturday, October 26, 2013

For Rain Rien

When I heard Rain Rien Nevermind was in hospice, I put this mail art on the mailbox waiting for the postman to pick up and deliver. In that time, I read on Fakebook that he had passed away. So I took this out of the mailbox and now don't know what to do with it. Maybe if I send it to the moon he will get it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shopping List Vispo

Milk 1% Straw berry + cream Raisin Brand Cereal 1 lb swiss Lorraine Bananas Cheese }Deli Grapes Oven Roasted Turkey 1 lb mac salad } American Cheese Chedder = sour cream Egss Bread Vegan toothpaste Sue Yogurt Flaxseed Oat Meal Walnuts Raisins Tofutti ice cream Tuna Agave sweetner 1 can Hills Brothers Original Blend Coffee-home my rm Laundry soap Windows Coffee mate jeff work floors Juice walls Coffee shelfs Cereal Paper towels 3 closet 3 shelves/dresser yogurt Butter milk soy milk desk red food coloring jr rm - Lox Flour sugar big lo milk window - Eggs Sponges lotion floor - cheese (including feta) pt eggs p.l. shelfs - olives baking dust - lettuce- powder oats Bathroom-up - illegible cereal me chicken walls - spagetti sauce Nuggets window - cottage cheese floor - yogurts cabinets - chicken cooked drawers Neterines Hall Closet - kit litter X-tra Bdrm - blackforest ham (shaved) at deli -windows - almond butter -walls - green tea decaf (Bigelow, the big box with several -dust- closet teabags in each foil packet) - brandy (illegible)or something( illegible)the label - pita breads for downstairs -- - snow peas - Boost (2 packs)( illegible) free - VIVA papertowels - Parmesan + Romano grated cheese
    My rm                    Straw berry
Milk 1%                Straw berry + cream
Raisin Brand Cereal            1 lb swiss Lorraine
Bananas                Cheese            }Deli           
Oven Roasted Turkey            1 lb mac salad            }
American Cheese            Chedder = sour cream
Bread                        Vegan            toothpaste Sue
Yogurt                Flaxseed
Oat Meal                Walnuts
Raisins                Tofutti ice cream
Tuna                    Agave sweetner   
                            1 can Hills Brothers Original Blend Coffee-home
my rm                    Laundry soap
Windows                    Coffee mate jeff work
floors                    Juice
walls                    Coffee
shelfs                    Cereal                Paper towels 3   
closet                                        3
shelves/dresser            yogurt                Butter    milk    soy milk
desk                                    red food coloring   
jr rm                    - Lox                Flour    sugar    big lo milk
window                - Eggs                Sponges    lotion
floor                    - cheese (including feta)    pt    eggs    p.l.
shelfs                    - olives            baking
dust                    - lettuce-            powder    oats
Bathroom-up                - illegible            cereal me    chicken
walls                     - spagetti sauce                Nuggets
window                - cottage cheese
floor                    - yogurts
cabinets                - chicken cooked
drawers                Neterines           
Hall Closet                - kit litter
X-tra Bdrm                - blackforest ham (shaved) at deli
-windows                - almond butter
-walls                    - green tea decaf (Bigelow, the big box with several
-dust- closet                    teabags in each foil packet)
                        - brandy (illegible)or something( illegible)the label
                        - pita breads for downstairs --
                        - snow peas
                        - Boost (2 packs)( illegible) free
                        - VIVA papertowels
                        - Parmesan + Romano grated cheese   

Thursday, September 26, 2013