Sunday, December 9, 2012


 Not so long ago, I started a group on IOUMA (International Union of Mail Artists) as a tribute and offshoot of the fantastic and very real Museum of Bad Art  ---(soooo worth checking out you will get hours of amusement and oddly, inspiration from the art). I was informed that this name was trademarked and therefore I would not be able to use it. This is the letter from MOBA that I received. I am highly flattered that someone is protesting something  I have done. The name was instantly changed. But this letter brings up a good point. As if it isn't complicated enough to determine what makes art art, what qualifies something to be BAD art? 

Yes, we have a problem. A few days ago I learned that IOUMA was using our name “ Museum Of Bad Art ”. I registered on the IOUMA site and included a note in my registration that protested your use of our name. 
I’m pleased that you appreciate MOBA.  Since 1996 we have a used and trademarked “ Museum Of Bad Art ” for our MOBA website, three brick-and-mortar galleries, two books, mobile app, newsletter, Facebook following, and many special events, creating a world-wide presence. I must insist that you not use our name for your group. 
In addition to the trademark violation, your criteria are so different from ours that I would not want anyone to conflate the two. You challenge artists to produce “bad art”. We maintain that quality bad art cannot be deliberately created. In our view, worthy pieces must first be art. That means, to us, that they must be sincere efforts. 
I am not challenging the legitimacy of your group nor your art challenge. It sounds interesting and worthwhile and I wish you success. But it cannot carry the name “ Museum Of Bad Art .”
Yours in bad art,

The Great Pacific Trash Vortex by Lee R Kendall

I LOVE this piece that reads "Hell Is Empty and all the devils are here"

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fabulous Trashpo Entries

 Three from AneteUlmane
 Three from Bruno Neiva
 Barbara Mesquita
 Horst Baur of China
 Elise McWilliams

 Julien Rochedreux
Simon Warren