Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trashpo Mail Art Call

 Clemente Padin, Uruguay
 Altered Floppy Disk from Ana Marta Austin, Brasil
"Observation" from Carina Granlund, Finland


Cleo said...

Lordy, these are all GREAT!!! )I plan to send something when I have time...)

ana marta said...

Que bom que gostou...Eu também adorei participar...Abraço!!!

Diane Keys said...

Yo agradezco que compartir la llamada como el más mejor. Su obra es una gran explosión de los abrazos pasados ​​de vuelta a usted, por favor no dude en enviar más!

De Villo Sloan said...

Lordy! Trashpo is getting respectable.

Clemente Padin is one of the great Old School concrete/visual poets. I've been a fan of his for a long time.

Another great master gives the nod to Trashpo - with an excellent piece!


Diane Keys said...

Clemente is phenomenal. I first met him (mailwise) over 8 years ago when I had my first mail art call on "tigerlillies". His was among my favorite entries.