Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Diary

Please add your entry. I had my Dear diary Mail Art Show am received some fascinating entries. The show went over really well. But I'm still fascinated with the concept of people sharing their Diary Entries. Here's mine for Monday:
Dear Diary,
I hope no one is reading this. I am up way too early and time is crawling. The summer is almost over and while I am sad, I love Fall. Fall is a romantic time. It reminds you of falling in love. But I forget there is a hard surface under all those leaves.


Anonymous said...

In my first diary - when I was in kindergarten or 1st grade - every entry was almost exactly the same: Dear Diary, Today I woke up and ate breakfast. I went to school. I played when I came home and then went to bed.

Really devastating stuff!


Diane Keys said...

That's too cute. Do you still have it? That's what I want to know. I don't know if I ever really had an official diary