Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Great Art DeVillo Sloan has sent me

 Can't seem to find the Gatorade Spitpo piece he sent me

Fuck poetry, this is about the most romantic thing I've ever received


De Villo Sloan said...

Hey, I'm just trying to kash in on the D-Kraze with my "Life of DK" vispo series chronicling the life and adventures of everyone's favorite Queen of Trash.

Kids, do you want to see all DK's laundry hung out to dry? Then roll on over to the amazon and order the new book "Splattered: My Life on the Road with DK" by Stubbs. This is a shocking tell-all by the real creator of "Chunk-O-Skunk."

Diane Keys said...

DVS, can you post the spitpo piece? Are you doing a book tour for Splattered? I heard it's already out at Target in the discount section. I haven't been brave enough to read it. It's too painful to read about Stubbs and Ramone and the good old days of beer and twister.

De Villo Sloan said...

DK, I'm always so thrilled when you personally answer your diehard fans!

I can imagine you would be sensitive about Stubbs and his book, given we can't be sure of the truth. Even I find some of those stories shocking.

We are concerned. Stubbs seems to be missing.

Diane Keys said...

Well, it's pretty easy since you are my only diehard fan, if by that you mean has posted more than 7 times. The parts of the book you like are complete verite, the parts you don't--complete fabrication. The part about the mescaline, the ER, and the transvestite biker gang is completely true(boy did they know how to choose leather chaps!!)

De Villo Sloan said...

OMG, I have posted 7 times already? Please! The NY D-KULT is not the D-Stalkers! Maybe that's why Dark wall has started calling you "mom" instead of DK. Would you like to settle the issue about whether he can get a "Roadkill Lives" tattoo?

I will try to keep my comments in moderation.

Diane Keys said...

It was only a guesstimate DVS, but please don't stop posting!If you don't who will? My cult is firmly against ANYTHING in moderation. Roadkill tattoo? I vote no on that. How about DKult

De Villo Sloan said...

DK, I just wanted to report back that your amazing talents extend to dispensing excellent parenting advice. Maybe you should extend the vast DK enterprise to include "Parenting for Mail-Artists."

I told DW: "DK and I have decided you cannot have a permanent Roadkill Lives tattoo." He said, "OK, if that's what mom says. She invented it."

Sure, he's confused. He was anyway.

Thank you again, DK, for changing my life. Do you give dating advice?


Diane Keys said...

Glad to help DVS, I only know from exerience that others who have gotten Roadkill Lives Tattoos are living in a world of regret. Possibly because I only paid them $25 to do it, and because it was such a box office flop. Your writing was fantastic though. "Did he get the DKult brand? Better the DKult than MKULTRA. Dating advice? Yeah sure. My first advice: Don't date or fall for Ramone or Stubbs