Monday, October 31, 2011

Please help--Your input is invaluable!!

DKult has received the following blog post and this person, Neil, is in need of some carpentry expertise. Here is the original post:

hi , i found from a friend referal and hope its the right place to ask this question, i was wondering if any one on here has any good information on garden sheds, i was thinking of building from scratch but i cant find any info or construction drawings on one,it needs to be around 9 meters x 7 meters with a large door at the front, 
there was a guy who posted here a few weeks back who said he knew of a computer softwear program to design them if hes on would you please pm me now so i can get back to you or if any one can help me please reply as i have tried googling it but seem to get loads of rubbish, i could also do with some help with the structure parts i have been recomended to use these [url=][b][color=green]zed purlins[/color][/b][/url] as i didnt want to use timber for the main structure 

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Nancy said...

Neil Gordon, is that you?! I don't think Diane is a bigtime gardener, and if she does have a garden shed, it's probably covered with beautiful garbage by now. Therefore she'd be unable to discuss the construction or dimensions--maybe she could let you know what it smells like, though.
Good luck.