Monday, October 17, 2011

Problems with DKFLA Order Fulfillment Department

 Some have expressed concern that their decoder rings came in little bits and pieces and no instructions. Do not be alarmed. From now on, the DK Fan Club Order Fulfillment Department will be run by KDJ, of DKFLA They have come up with an ingenius way to keep the cost down by making them with 'some assembly required' . It is a far superior idea to mine made of paper. So if you have received one, do not be concerned that it is a knock off. It is completely endorsed by DKult (although the certificate of authenticity is a complete fake)


De Villo Sloan said...

What do you know about this rumor that a D-Koder ring was found in a bowl of Wendy's chili with a finger attached? It's just an urban legend, right?

Diane Keys said...

It could never be verified, by the burning question has always been, "What was he doing taking a mannequin to Wendy's? At least take her to Chili's"

De Villo Sloan said...

DK, you certainly have responded to your fans concerning the D-Koder rings. The new safety measures are appreciated, but the new line of D-Koder rings are paper? The two early models I have are going to be as rare as "Chunk-o-Skunk." Sometimes I get lucky.