Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Proposal Was answered but Redirected

Del Monte Foods
One Maritime PlazaSan Francisco, CA 94111

RE:  Nine Lives Cat Food

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing regarding your cat food brand, which my cat likes quite well.

I am an artist, and I would like to know if you would be willing to donate 100,000 cans of cat food to my  art performance piece.  It is my desire to create the worlds tallest tower made of cat food cans in hopes of breaking the world record for stacking things of this sort.

Your generous donation would bring attention to your brand and support my art.

I would also like to propose that this be done  in front of the DelMonte building in San Francisco.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you favorably regarding this proposal.

Thanks and kind regards,

Diane Keys


John M. Bennett said...


Dark wall said...

All joking aside, these proposals are absolutely tremendous. The concepts alone are equal to some of the best Fluxus performance scores.

One of my ongoing projects is "The Collected Writing of DK," and I'll have to add a new section. I've been busy trying to translate her Trashpo into French.

More DK! More!


Diane Keys said...

Thanks DW. I love the response I got from the RK proposal. I love picturing them deciding to forward it to the Secretary of State. The cat food one just said requests for donations are handled through their website.I didn't follow up. Will keep brainstorming. Did call and sing the meow mix song to the meox mix corporate office asking if they needed voice overs. Got some coupons mailed though

Skybridge Studios said...

Living the 9 Lives dream!
I love thinking of the staff listening to your recorded version of the Meow Mix song.

Kate said...

Your letters are hilarious and the replies you received make your letters even more hilarious. I think you should publish a book of your mail-art along with theses hilarious letters and replies. Please keep it up.
i look forward to reading more :)

Diane Keys said...

Thank you Kate.I'm trying to keep everything in one place for the future. Getting that great response from the Secy of State has inspired me to continue and you have made me think United is my next recipient. hmmmm