Monday, September 30, 2013

Doodle for Richard


Rebecca said...

Love it!
My Sept resolution was to get out more so I signed up for an evening drawing class that is almost an hour drive each way... what was I thinking? Still, it's good to get another perspective (ha ha). Last week the teacher brought in all this natural stuff and dropped it in a heap and had us draw it. I like chaos drawing, so it was fine for me. Two hours disappeared and the frive home was pretty dark. But your doodle edges feel like a map of chaotic plant matter. Oh what can I do with that thought? As ever, inspiring, Diane!

Diane Keys said...

You're very motivated. I don't like going anywhere after dark. Even if it's something fun, I lose all motivation to do it after around 6pm. Sounds like fun though. Richard's 'doodling assignment' was very liberating as there is literally NO pressure when doing it. No thoughts that it has to be perfect as by nature it is an unconscious task. You should try it and send Richard Canard your doodles!! (and or me:))