Monday, October 14, 2013

Shopping List Vispo

Milk 1% Straw berry + cream Raisin Brand Cereal 1 lb swiss Lorraine Bananas Cheese }Deli Grapes Oven Roasted Turkey 1 lb mac salad } American Cheese Chedder = sour cream Egss Bread Vegan toothpaste Sue Yogurt Flaxseed Oat Meal Walnuts Raisins Tofutti ice cream Tuna Agave sweetner 1 can Hills Brothers Original Blend Coffee-home my rm Laundry soap Windows Coffee mate jeff work floors Juice walls Coffee shelfs Cereal Paper towels 3 closet 3 shelves/dresser yogurt Butter milk soy milk desk red food coloring jr rm - Lox Flour sugar big lo milk window - Eggs Sponges lotion floor - cheese (including feta) pt eggs p.l. shelfs - olives baking dust - lettuce- powder oats Bathroom-up - illegible cereal me chicken walls - spagetti sauce Nuggets window - cottage cheese floor - yogurts cabinets - chicken cooked drawers Neterines Hall Closet - kit litter X-tra Bdrm - blackforest ham (shaved) at deli -windows - almond butter -walls - green tea decaf (Bigelow, the big box with several -dust- closet teabags in each foil packet) - brandy (illegible)or something( illegible)the label - pita breads for downstairs -- - snow peas - Boost (2 packs)( illegible) free - VIVA papertowels - Parmesan + Romano grated cheese


sghinopaullimo said...

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sghinopaullimo said...
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