Sunday, April 24, 2016

Met Richard Canard and all I Got Was an Amazing Experience!! AND a T-shirt!! PART III

Here are the 'poems' I took from the Take a Poem, Leave a Poem wall. I found the paint chip somewhere between Carbondale and Illusion.

Many have asked where RC makes his elevated fortune cookie wisdom cards and other genius? ( I always thought it would be so cool to be a professional fortune cookie writer). He makes mail art magic with a "C" right at this same kitchen table.

LP  is a warehouse of fascinating information given that she is in the medical field.  She shared the mind bending fact over (or after ) dinner that, "Viruses are not alive." 

Viruses can take down human beings and yet they are not even living things. hmmm.  And we think we are the most glorious creation on the planet? I guess the virus and the cockroaches rule the world. They are more ruthless and resourceful than all of us combined. 

Hopefully our mail art activities have earned us a special place in mail art heaven--never ending rolls of stamps and no need to look up addresses. 

This is how LP is. She interjects comments that make you stop and think, although usually they are things you would rather not think about, but then you are glad you did i.e. "everyone and everything dies". She is like a bubbly, sassy, fun, funny, whacky, mail art making Morticia.

I feel a little more prepared if I ever go on Jeopardy, "I'll take 'Dead Things that Kill" for 500". And she supplied me with  supporting facts and visuals too. She is thorough.


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Nancy Bell Scott said...

A wonderfully deadly time was had by all, sounds like.

The uncle of a friend of mine was taken down by a falling (and non-living) icicle.