Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chicago Fluxfest 2016!!

May, 26 2016 DO IT NOW exhibit at the Joan Flasch Artistbook Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

I sent in my collection of found correspondence and a tribute piece to Richard Canard--24 anchovy tins with a stamped image inside. The stamp is a half person/half fish and I called them "Fish Chics" and "Manchovies". I did not take pictures in my haste to get them mailed before the deadline.

 I also sent a long knife, but that didn't make it into the show as it scared Keith Buchholz and I totally get that. At least it will forever be in the archive.

 I was only able to make it to one day of the fluxfest, but it was an amazing experience. I feel like I was able to go back to kindergarten.


Catherine Schwalbe said...

F A B U L O U S ! A Pleasure to meet you too!

Diane Keys said...

It couldn't have come at a better time in my life--sort of a rebirth and return to the living. You are fabulous as are all the fluxfolks! Soooo glad you are in the area!